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How We Can Make a Difference

Mariupol - Ukraine 2022

Help Children, Teens and Adults Escape War Zones.

We provide monetary assistance and transportation to refugees living in Ukraine.

War - Ukraine 2022

Providing Security, Food, Water and Shelter.

We help with housing, nutrition, security and more to enrich the lives of our kids.

Stop War - Ukraine 2022

Go the Extra Mile.

We organize sports events and runs to raise funds and awareness for our cause.

See what our sponsors and volunteers have to say

“I have been donating to Protego ever since their involvement in helping refugees escape the Ex-Soviet Union in the 90s. Their mission is truly changing the lives of kids, young adults & adults in vulnerable situations. Thank you for everything you do & I hope your progress & impact goes around the world.”

-Samantha P.

“One of the only foster care and refugee services that I trust with my money. Always happy to volunteer for this amazing team and am happy to impact the lives of people in need. Keep up the great work!”

-Jean-Michelle F.

Stop War Ukraine 2022

How to make a donation?


To make a donation or to discuss any of the giving options above, contact Protego Foster Houses at 1-416-918-6086 or